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Tuesday, January 29th 2013

7:12 PM

Run 800 in Action

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Friday, January 18th 2013

4:51 PM

Run 800 Marathon

My Race Kit

RUN 800: Takbo para sa Kalusugan is fast approaching! At last, it is bound to happen this coming Sunday, Jan 20, 2013 after several postponement last year. The race course is from Aseana City along Macapagal Avenue going through Coastal Express Way to CavitEx (Cavite Express Way) area (with great view at the middle of bay.) The marathon is organized by the Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC). It is part of the advocacy of the 7-Eleven to gives back to the communities as they celebrates the opening of its 800th store. Winning top three (3) cities by votes will receive support to its feeding programs and medical missions. We voted for Manila which I believe is the winning top 1 city as of the last tally displayed in their website.

My Caring Group members (Kayla, Mel, Anne, Gigi, Rowyn, Clarinda, Yvonne, & Maffie) and I will be joining this race for "5 km - Beginner" category. Hence, we will not reach CavitEx nor may take a glimpse of the Coastal Expressway. In order to reach the Coastal Expressway and CavitEx, we should run at least 10km and 21km respectively which is beyond our powers.  Nonetheless, we were excited to run together despite of lack of preparation and practice. Mel and I decided to push-through our practice run at PhilSports Arena (formerly ULTRA) in Pasig tonight at 7PM (it's good that ULTRA is still open until 9PM). With that, I need to run as I have to meet Mel! Good day!

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Friday, January 11th 2013

6:11 PM

Goals & Plans for Year 2013

Happy New Year!!! Another year has passed. As always, I review my goals & plans last year 2012. What are my achievements and what lay behind. It is not impressive. I have done some of it but some move a little and most of it was not able to accomplish. But, it is not bad at all, really!

As being accustomed to, I conceive new plans and goals for this Year 2013. I also do my general budget per month for the year. As I review it, my budget for this year is a lot better than last year. I had been free or nearly free for being debt-free. Since budget involves monetary unit, I prefer to keep it for myself. Instead, I'm going to share my new plans and goals for this year which are very promising, indeed! I pray that with God's help, I can achieve most of it (if not all.) Thank you, Lord!

Here it is...

1. Health Improvement a. Eat fruits, cereal/oatmeal/yogurt every morning
b. Stretching every morning
c. Exercise every Mon (gym), Wed (jog), Fri (gym), Sat (jog)

Wealth / Financial Investment Build-up

a. Emergency Fund thru BPI Save-Up – P1K per month; Target: at least 3X monthly expenses equivalent
b. Retirement Fund thru BPI Save-Up – P500 per month; thru CitisecOnline – P5K per month
c. NEW: Mutual Fund
d. NEW: Health Insurance (coupled with investment)

Business / Entrepreneurship Development

a. Yza’s Amazing Beadworks
      i. Online Store – create masterpiece at least once a week  & update OS
     ii. Etsy – register & post product at least once a week
    iii. Consignment
    iv. Direct selling
     v. fB Store
b. Money-Making Blog Opps
     i. Blogsvertise
    ii. Others – search for other opps sites
c. NEW: Networking w/ Products (e.g. Green Barley, IMG)
d. NEW: Farm “Buwisan”
e. NEW: 7-Eleven Franchise
4. Personal Development a. Enroll @ John Robert Powers for Public Speaking & Personal Development
b. Know how to apply make-up and carry self
5. Career Development a. Job Search Tools Updates – Seek, Linked-In, Monster
b. Get at least one (1) I.T. Certification
c. Think of new Thesis Topic & Develop Application
d. Pursue Masteral Degree or Get Work Abroad
6. Spiritual Development a. Quiet Time – every morning (upon waking-up); 5:00AM
b. Bible Reading & Reflection – every Evening (before going to sleep); 11:00PM
c. Visit Adoration Chapel or Attend Prayer Life Workshop – every Wednesday (after LOJ Bible Study has finished)
d. Ministry Works – Intercessory (Onsite & Encoding), CG
e. Community Activities – Bible Study, General Intercession, Forest Day
7. Hobbies & Recreation a. Blogging – post at least one (1) entry per week   -- Note: DONE for this week
b. Photography – get formal training
c. Fun Run / Hiking – do at least once per quarter
d. Bowling – once a month
e. Beads Jewelry Making – create at least one (1) masterpiece every week/Sat
8. Travel & Leisure Plan a. Bohol + Cebu
b. Boracay
c. Thailand
9. House Development Project a. Exterior – Pavement Cementing, Garage, Balcony
b. Interior – Tiles for Living Room
c. Furniture – Kitchen Work Table, Walk-In Closet, Under-Stair Closet, Dining Area Closet, Study Area table & closet
10. Relationship Development a. God – always in-tune w/ God
b. Family – go home at least once a month; make a call every week
c. Friends – connect thru fB
d. OTL – be open

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Friday, December 14th 2012

5:39 PM

Caring Group Christmas Bazaar

Our Caring Group, the Business-Minded Singles, joined a Christmas Bazaar to offer our products - shoes, bags, apparels, fashion accessories, and gift items (i.e. make-up, etc.) My sisters in the community (sis. Mel, sis. Anne, & sis. Kay) and I shared the rent and set our different products in one (1) booth. We even asked for sis. Rochelle's help to sell our products. We provided tarp as well for our booth to be recognized (ok, for picture-taking as well. hehe.)

Caring Group Bazaar

Our first three (3) days bazaar is in Manda Centrale at Mayflower Parking located in Shaw Boulevard. The Bazaar runs during Wed-Fri 5pm-2am. On our first day, we went early to the place for the ingress of our products. We have a great time organizing each item and posing for some pictures. The boys in our group, Hans and Mark, took turns in helping us secure our products after each day (thanks Guys!)

 Day 1

 On our second day, our Caring Group meeting was held right beside our booth. We pray and share and encourage one another. We know that we evangelize other people in the bazaar as they saw us. We even invited our co-bazaaristas to the Feast!  Most members of our group show their support by availing some of our items (thank you bros. & sisses.) My co-bazaarista's even bought a lot of my fashion accessories items as they were so in-love with it, especially sis. Rochelle.   

 Day 2

On the third day, we know that we don't sell much. But, there's still joy in our heart as this is our first time joining a bazaar. It was fun! We even tried our own items and take more pictures. As a way of saying "thank you" to my CG co-bazaaristas, I was inspired to give them a bag of their choice as my Christmas gift for them. This made their day and concluded that our bazaar escapade is "sulit na!"

 Day 3

Our bazaar escapade is supposed to last only for three (3) days. But the organizer, knowing that we don't profit that much, offered us a 50% off rent to Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio High Street the next day. We grabbed the opportunity hoping that there are more customers there. Alas! There are more people there but they were food hawkers only and do not buy much stuff. Or, only because the location of our booth is far from others who sell the same products as ours that makes us attract customers less.

 Day 4

But, even if we sell not that much, all-in-all, our bazaar experience is something unforgettable and fun! In fact, given a chance, I will do it again even once a year!

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Monday, November 12th 2012

12:13 PM

All I Want for Christmas is My New Baby

My new baby has come! Hooray! Actually, he is not-so-new. He was someone else’s baby before. Caressed by other hands. Nurtured and developed by someone else. And, enjoyed playing with him, maybe, a hundred times. But, all the same, I still love him so much! And, he is now mine!  Ooops! Should I say “it” rather than “he”? Yeah! I recently got my not-so-new “baby camera” (thanks to Lani and his brother Niño!)

My Baby

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. I can say that I have a talent in getting pictures (still remembered that my sister’s friends want to invite me in an outing, only to find out that they were just impressed and liked the pictures that I took in one of their escapades.) I know how to get the right angle. Know how to focus. Know how to point the camera to get the right perspective. But, that’s all I know. I don’t have a formal training yet. All that I have is just a pure talent. And, I think, I can hone that skill. I dreamt of getting my own DLSR cam. I dreamt of enrolling to a photography class. I dreamt of travelling just to capture great views. I dreamt… and, I stopped dreaming! I got problems with my hands – unsteady hands. Because of my IT job, I’m always in front of the computer and typing in keyboard the whole day. And, I cannot afford not to wash my hands. Maybe that caused my unsteady hands. I even find a hard time handwriting now. Haha! But, just the same, I still want to pursue a hobby (not a career yet) in photography. Hoping that I can still squeeze this in my hectic schedule.

Calling my friends who are into photography! Cherry, when can we enrol in a photography class as we planned? Arlene, can I go with you to travel and get pictures? Maybe, a short-travel to Corregidor will just be perfect (Lani is willing to join!) Jeff, how’s your photography hobby now? How about you, Channel? Wait for me until I learn this thing! Maybe, we can travel altogether to shoot and get awesome pictures! Can’t wait, really!

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Tuesday, November 6th 2012

12:55 PM

Mr. Right

I dreamt about you even before
It seems I know you already for so long
Though have not met you personally
I accepted all about you so dearly.

I know that you are God’s gift for me
‘Coz the universe conspires for us to meet
Though many times there are doubts and fears
In my heart I believe we are meant to be.

The time seems so fast yet so slow
Longing for the day to meet you in person
To feel your embrace, to hear your voice
To look into your eyes and to know you more.

Mr. Right, I just want you to know
You are always in my mind, thinking of you
Waiting for the day to be with you
And spend the rest of my life loving you.

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Monday, October 15th 2012

6:14 PM

An Open Letter to Lani

Dear Lani,

It’s almost been a decade since I know you (including our AIU days). In that looong years, I never expected to find a real friend in you. I still remember when I get to know you in the beginning... You were so silent at that time. You looked so serious in your work. It seems you have no interest with your seatmates. We only able to mingle a little bit during lunchtime. Then, coffee-breaks at Stradbucks started and became a habit for us. I could not remember who asked first. I just remembered our days would not be complete without our usual chat together with other friends during coffee-breaks. I believe, that started it all! What makes it last? I don’t know... I could say that it is not about the coffee as it’s only a vendo-coffee. It is not about “killing-time” as we find time even when we’re both busy in our different projects. It is not about cheezy or trivial topics that we shared either as we spent some time quietly – just sipping our cup of coffee and not-talking-at-all until it’s time to go back to work. I believe it is about “friendship” that being developed between us overtime (and, our Stradbucks coffee-breaks also upgraded to Starbucks moments. ) Believe it or not, I would not be able to stay this long to the company without your friendship.

Thank you, Lani, for everything! For being an angel and "sister" to me. I learned a lot from you – being compassionate and understanding, being courteous to others, not being judgmental, and being humble and meek. Meekness is not a weakness. Yes, I witnessed that in you. You excelled in what you do – in school and even in the office – yet you remain humble. You let other's well-being to come first before yourself. I even remembered being rebuked by you for not letting someone to go first. Haha! My nature... so competitive (just a “good” word for it, I guess!) Before doing something, you always consider what others might feel. You do not judge a person right away. You always think what the person might be going through why he do “not-so-good” certain things. You even wonder what is the orientation of a person why he acted in certain ways. I can tell different occasions how you showed these good traits of yours. There are so many occurences that you exemplified these things. But, I don’t think I need to mention those times one-by-one. What’s important is... I know it! You know it! He knows it! And, may our good Lord reward you in your kindness here on earth and extended to heaven when “that” time comes.

Why am I doing this open letter? Because... it’s our assignment in our Caring Group? (Haha, sort of!) Because... I can’t concentrate in tasks I need to do in our project? (Hehe, maybe!) Seriously, I just want you to know how I value your friendship. How I appreciate the things you do for me (including lending me some bucks in times of need. ) From deepest part of my heart, I want to thank you for always being there for me... to listen to... to laugh with... and to care with.

Thank you and I love you, friend!  Mwah! *Hugs* 



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Sunday, September 9th 2012

6:09 PM

Kerygma Conference 2012: Champions, Arise!

Kerygma Conference 2012 is fast approaching! It will happen at SM MOA Arena & SMX on November 24-25. This year's theme is "Champions, Arise!". It is a calling for us Catholics and non-Catholics to awaken the champion in us and arise for God's glory! The celebration includes Holy Mass, empowering and inspiring talks via different streams, live worships, and special talk by Bro. Bo Sanchez.

On Day 1 (Nov 24), in the morning, there will be a welcome ceremony (worship, entertainment, opening talk by Bro. Bo Sanchez) at SM MOA Arena . In the afternoon, the participants will go to SMX at their chosen stream - Prayer (The Power Lift), Worship (Dive In), Education (Pass the Torch), Health (Breakfast of Champions), Career (Get on the Right Track), Business (The Major Leagues), and Catholic Faith (The Core).

On Day 2 (Nov 25), in the morning, talks for another sets of streams will happen - Solo Parents (The MVP), Singles (Make Your Move), Inner Healing (The Fighter in You), Family (The Dream Team), Single Blessedness (The Cross Court), Youth (Generation Extreme), and Leadership (the Coach). In the afternoon, Grand Feast will be celebrated (Mass, entertainment, worship, healing, closing talk by Bro. Bo Sanchez). Admission to Grand Feast is free!

Everyone is invited! Reserve the date! Buy your tickets now!

For inquiry, please call +63 (2) 725-9999 or visit http://www.kerygmaconference.com

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Friday, July 13th 2012

5:26 PM

Schools Run for School Rooms

I, together with my 99 colleagues, join the "Schools Run for School Rooms" last July 7, 2012 (Saturday) at Bonifacio Global City. Yup, we are about a hundred employees sponsored by our company together with thousands of people mainly composed of students from different universities in Manila, different youth organizations, and running enthusiasts run the race for a cause. The event was organized by Athletes in Action (AIA); co-presented by FILA (a sportswear brand); partnered by DepEd, GMA Kapuso Foundation, and iCare Foundation; and sponsored by different business organizations. The proceeds of the event will go to construction and rehabilitation of school rooms in Iligan City at Northeastern Mindanao that were wiped out by typhoon Sendong last year.

Before the race, my colleagues were serious in preparing for the main event. They set-up mini running clinic on three (3) consecutive Saturdays before the event. It was held at UP Diliman. My colleague and veteran runner, Pedo, facilitate the running clinic which he taught the basics of running, proper posture/form (head, shoulder, arms, back, hips, foot), proper breathing, dynamic stretching and warm-ups, leg work-outs, core work-outs, and cooldown stretching. And, of course, they run at UP Oval. This is a good learning experience to someone new in running like me. Unfortunately, I was not able to join them as the venue was too far from my place and the meeting time is so early. So, my only preparation for the event is... running on treadmill or around our subdivision.

Personally, I enjoyed the race. I run for 3K km distance. Though it is a short distance plus a very good weather, I still sweat a lot. I able to finish the race in 45 minutes (if I remembered it correctly. hehe.) Before the race start, I able to mingle a little bit with my colleagues and take some souvenir photos. I am determined to run from the start to finish but due to large volume of runners on my way, I only able to jog... and walk a bit. After the race, I was not able to join my colleagues in their picture-taking and eating escapades since I need to catch on my next activity that day - our Forest Day (a different story to blog). Now, am looking forward to my next run - a Milo Marathon on July 29? Or, a 7-Eleven Run 800 on August 26? Not yet sure. But, I vow to be more committed to it and might run a 5K km distance this time. BTW, I have to go as I need to run.

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Thursday, July 5th 2012

11:00 AM

It's More Fun in Batanes

At Sabtang Island

Nakabuang Beach

Me, wearing Vakul, at Chavayan Town

At House of Dakay @ Ivana


Yza At Rolling Hills

At Basco LightHouse @ Naidi Hills

Dinner at LightHouse

At Steps of Mahatao View Deck

Basco Specialty

Fundacion de Pacita Abad

Below the Mahatao View Deck

At Simbahan ng Basco

At Valugan Boulder Beach

At Rolling Hills

At Tukon Church

Batanes is the only place in the Philippines with four (4) seasons. And, we’ve been there last Summer Season, July 1-4 last year, (sorry for a late post) via SeaAir - the only airline that flies to Batanes. We departed from Manila at 05:45am and landed in Basco at 07:30am. We were picked-up by the Batanes Seaside Lodge & Restaurant staff (we have an early booking with them with tour packages) at the airport and headed to Jiro Restaurant for breakfast. We ate the fried fish with Batanes beef nilaga. After breakfast, we headed to the lodge and fixed our things. Afterwards, our morning tour began at Batan Island – Northern part. We went to Tukon Church, Radar Tukon – US weather station offering 360 degree view of the Island, Valugan Boulder Beach, and Naidi Hills (Light House), and Vayang Ranch (Rolling Hills). We ate our dinner at Batanes Seaside where we enjoyed a coconut crab (something new to us), and... forgot the rest. 

On our 2nd Day to Batanes, we woke up early and headed to San Vicente Port in Ivana and take the first boat, Faluwa Ride, going to Sabtang Island. It took us about 45 minutes on a boat from Batan Island to Sabtang Island. The ride is quite extreme (esp. in the afternoon going back to Batan). At Sabtang, riding a jeepney contracted by our tourist guide (included in tour package), we explored and enjoyed the unspoiled and undisturbed island. From time to time, we went off the jeepney and go on foot to explore the hilly and mountainous area of Sabtang. We visited the Savidug Stone Houses, House of Dakay, Savidug Church, Chavayan Village, Nakabuang Beach. We took our luch at Nakabuang Beach Cove with yellow rice, veggie, lobster, and ensaladang paco (this is my first time eating paco or ferns.) We headed back to Batan Island at around 2:30PM.

On our 3rd Day, we toured around the Batan Island- Southern part. We visited San Carlos Borromeo Church, Mahatao View Deck, Mahatao Church, Mahatao town, Ivana town, Old Spanish bridge, San Jose Church ruins, Fisherman’s village, Song-song ruins, and Marlboro country. We have our delicious lunch at "kubo" at Marlboro Country (picnic style with matching fresh buko juice). We visited the San Lorenzo Ruiz Church, Church of Ivana and Honesty Shop before driving back to the lodge. We headed back to Batanes Seaside to change and refresh then went again to Basco Lighthouse at Naidi Hills to have our sunset dinner beside the lighthouse. What a concluding event of our trip! So romantic!

About the cost of our trip, we spent everything lower that it's usual expenses. Usually it would cost you 14K pesos for the 2-way ticket Manila-Basco-Manila trip. But, thanks to Lanie – my office-friend, we able to get a 50% discount which only costs us P7,177.20 (including P250 Travel Care). We also able to get a 4 days/3 nights package tour with accommodation at discounted rate of 6K pesos per person courtesy of Batanes Seaside Lodge and Restaurant.

With an extra-ordinary views and scenery we gazed upon, the unforgettable "Faluwa Ride" we experienced, the delicious food we gulped upon, cheap price of our accomodation & tours, and, not to mention, the great company of my co-travellers, I can say that... It's more fun in the Philippines! It's more fun in Batanes!

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Wednesday, June 27th 2012

3:25 PM

Back to the Gym

Back to the Gym with Ely (my trainor)

I am back to the Gym! Hoooray! Only this time, it is not in “Fitness First”. Nah, not in Gold’s Gym also. But, in our company gym! Yes, there are less amenities like there is no sauna (but there is hot shower), there is no free coffee (but there is free cold water), and there is no free movies (but there is music). Yup, the things that I like the most in Fitness are missing. But, surprisingly, I enjoy it than before. I don’t need to travel a distance just to go to the gym as I just need to go upstairs at the 5th floor of our building. I don’t need to queue to the entrance and comfort rooms as there is not too many of us (maybe because others were busy with our bowling tournament.) I don’t need to pay an extra for my personal trainer as they were there - available and accommodating to our needs. And, I don’t need to squeeze myself into group dance or yoga class as there is plenty of space available to accommodate all of us. I don’t need to go alone as some of my office-friends whom I can tag along also go the gym (i.e. Juju, Corbi, Leo, Yula, etc.) Actually, our gym opened more than a year ago but I only joined now (I am now officially one of the gymbuddies.) If only I knew...

What excites me now is the program that my trainor, Ely, made for me. It is both challenging and enjoyable. Ely made two (2) sets of program for me. That way, my fitness routine won’t really be a “routine”. I can alternate the two set of program in my visit after visits. I do cardio a little at the start and at the end. I lift weights. Mat exercises. Body weights. I lift weights (did I already say, “I lift weights”?) Haha! I lift weights a lot. That is, to tone and firm my muscles and remove excess fat.

What really pushed me to go back to the gym is to prepare for my upcoming run, “Schools Run for School Rooms”, which I registered myself right after I knew about it. I was not able to jog in the morning as I planned to due to inclement weather and my inclement habit of sleeping. Hehe. I just want to run again as I wish to, three years ago. So, when opportunity knocks I grabbed it. Our registration to the event was sponsored by our company. So, there are lot of things to lose if I will not join. I will not be able to help with the construction and rehabilitation of schools in Iligan City. I will not be “so” physically fit. I will miss a free run! I... Alright! So much for this, I will just post anew after the run.

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Friday, June 22nd 2012

5:36 PM

Back to Blogging

It has been almost a year since my last post here. And, I can honestly say that I missed blogging! Why not? This has been a little haven for me for the past years where I can pour out my thoughts, feelings, insights, and ideas. Not to mention, some writing opportunities. Oh! I really missed this! It is like.. I missed a very dear friend.

I have been away for so long as I burried myself with other things at work, at home, and at our community. Now, I able to overcome and handle those things nicely. Of course, its because of God's help and guidance. Yes, there are still some challenges at work, at home, and at community service. But, this time, it is different. We are no longer in a hurry to meet deadlines and study new technology. House renovation and extension already done. Community service no longer a burden but a source of joy. It is now a test of patience. Patiently waiting with the decision whether we will still keep our job or not, as the contract of the company will soon expire and there is just a little glimpse of hope for the renewal. If ever, it is really a new beginning. At home, waiting to gain my financial stability again to proceed with the next phase of my plans. At our community, waiting for the finalization of new structure and formation in order to be more effective and efficient with the tasks at hand. 

And, now, I am back with blogging! I had a lot of things to post here like our summer escapade at Batanes, my new online store, my investment opportunities, now also back to fitness and soon will join another fun run for a cause, and a lot more! And, I hope, I can include new inspiration this time. Just be patient with me. I can post it here one by one. But for now, that would be all folks!

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