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Friday, December 30th 2016

9:19 AM

2017 Goals and Resolution

  • Mood:

As a habit, it's time to re-assess accomplishments of year 2016 Goals and setting of new goals for the new year 2017.

Since I had not posted here my goals for year 2016, I might post it now for re-assessment. Here it is (from my fB post):

Eat smart. Exercise. Sleep well. Be debt-free. Keep invested. Do business. Laugh a lot. Hike. Travel more. Love even more. Keep connected. Learn new thing. Finish reading a book. Stop procastinating. Kick-out bad habit. Pray unceasingly. Tithe faithfully. Serve. Visit prison. Support a charity. Help someone to achieve his/her dream. Always choose a more humble purchase. Do random acts of kindness. Be at present moment. Be focused.

Well, I can say that I accomplished a lot. I was able to watched what I am eating and always opted to go for the nutritious food like fishes and veggies than fast foods. I able to paid my debts and invested some. I laughed a lot because of love, and so, I love more. We have an online store that is still surviving (bubbleglam_Ph). I travelled a lot (in Bukidnon with IM encoders, in Ilocos with my family, and Japan with my office-friends/travel-buddies.) I learned to pray unceasingly thru Christian Meditation (thanks to Dom Paco & sis Annie). And, most often than not, I chose a more humble purchase. For other goals, I did it though not my best effort like sleeping well, keep connected with family (thru monthly home visits in the province) and some friends (thru fB), stopped procastinating a little, tithe faithfully but fail at the later month of the year, still served in community but had a lot of shortcomings, did some random acts of kindness, chose to always be at present moment and focused (i.e. avoiding accessing social media while in others company.) Some were not yet done like hiking, finish reading a book, visit prison, support a charity, and not able to helped someone to achieve his/her dream yet because three (3) of my targets refused to (maybe, it's not yet the right time for them.) That's all. Not bad, right?

For year 2017, here's my 12-point new year's goals and resolutions:

1) Practice healthy living - Eat smart, sleep well, take a breather, and exercise regularly.

2) Be truly rich in life – Work hard and smart. Keep well invested. Be more committed.

3) Love unconditionally – Support a charity, make a goodwill, and share even more.

4) Keep a good attitude - Be humble and kind. Be merry, joyful, and grateful always.

5) Learn new things – try sewing, cook new dish a week, and learn the art of selling.

6) Enrich knowledge - Read a book from-cover-to-cover, and travel far flung places.

7) Expand vocabulary - Learn at least 3-new-words a week and make use of it.

8) Give back to God - Tithe in the house of prayer regularly with a grateful heart.

9) Pray unceasingly - Practice Christian Meditation faithfully – morning and evening.

10) Be sensitive to the needs of others - Be an answer to someone else’s prayer.

11) Make time for loved ones – Go home once a month, stay connected thru chat/calls.

12) Lift up everything to God - Make it a habit to ‘ask the Lord’, listen, and obey/follow.

May God be with me and also with my family, friends, and loved ones. I set-up my plan and lift it up to God and God willing, it will happen. It might be a different version from mine but, for sure, it's the best for me. Lord, thy will be done! Be it done to me according to Your Word, according to Your promises. These I pray by Your love, by the power of the Holy Spirit, in Jesus' Name and thru the intercession of Mama Mary and all angels and saints. Amen.

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Wednesday, November 30th 2016

5:29 PM

At the Brighter Side of Things

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My car, Honda Civic, is now one-year-and-one-month old (to be exact.) Time flies so fast! Even the warranty of battery of my car, which is one year only, gone unnoticed. It went dead! Just like that. Here goes what happened...

It’s Wednesday and it’s holiday here in the Philippines – it’s Bonifacio Day! But, due to urgency of our project’s delivery/demo, my team decided to work overtime. We agreed to work as early as 10am. But, I decided to leave home as early as 7am to go to work. Since there is no traffic, I reached our office area by 8am. Hence, I decided to do my errands first before going to work – I drove my car to car wash station. Then, I bought my favorite Starbucks coffee – hot grande white chocolate mocha. Then, I went to bank to withdraw from my payroll account, since we already received our salary plus 13th month pay, and deposited most of it to my other savings account at another bank. After that, I planned to head back to our office to work. Alas! My car did not start! All of the symbols in my dashboard went blinked with alarming sounds! I was startled! What comes first in my mind was “my car was broken” as the display said “Check air bag system! Check break system! Check ABS system! Etc.” How come? It’s barely new! I called so many people for help:

(1) the agent who sold me the car - she cannot be reached;

(2) the Honda branch where it was bought - since it’s holiday there is no available mechanic that could come to my aid;

(3) the service center where I brought it for maintenance - the service personnel was not there and the help desk personnel advised me to avail a tow service to bring the car to them;

(4) the insurance company to help me arrange a towing service - no one answered my call despite of many attempts calling their different contact numbers;

(5) my bf - he’s out of the way and on his way to the field of his work;

(6) our office looking for available company driver – no one is in the driver’s lounge/area as informed by the guard; and

(7) my officemate/friend (officefriend) -  Yey, he’s already in the office as I called him in his mobile phone and came to my help!

My officefriend said it might be a battery problem and eventually found out that he was right! He jumpstart my car and connect in series to his car but it did not start. I called motolite for battery-delivery but it would take an hour to deliver. So, my friend decided to drove to nearest Motolite store and he went back with the attendant carrying a battery. The attendant put the battery atop the battery of my car. And, I started my car successfully! Praise God!

From this experience, I may react negatively or take it lightly. I admit, at first, I panicked and spoke negatively with the help desk personnel. I already said ‘sorry’ to her a few minutes after our last conversation and she said sorry too as she had done nothing to  help me (but it was really not her fault.)  But, come to think of it! All the provisions were there even before the incident- my car was clean and parked safely at bank’s parking lot; I had my favorite coffee that I sipped in time of waiting; I already deposited my cash so nothing to worry about hold-up or the likes; and I had enough cash as we already received our 13th month pay to buy a new battery as it was already out-of-warranty. Even in negative situation, if only we look at the brighter side of things, we can see God’s blessing and provisions. And, that’s enough to thank for (no matter how bad the situation is!) Thank you, Lord!

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Monday, November 21st 2016

5:23 PM

Kerygma Conference 2016: Forward!

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I attended the Kerygma Conference last Nov 18-20, 2016. It's a four-day event but was able to attend only the last three days due to an emergency meeting at the office. I attended, and at the same time, I served. Once again, it's a huge success!

There are plenary talks and break-out sessions on Thursday to Saturday event. The concluding plenary talk last Friday was given by Bro. Obet Cabrillas. It's a moving talk with lots of learnings from his very own life. It's his journey on how he moved forward from the lowest point of his life to where he is now. According to him, there are two kinds of thoughts: memories and imagination. MOVING ON is just a one-step forward looking in the past or memory while MOVING FORWARD is always moving on looking in the future and dreams (imagination of future.)  

I attended the talk of Mr. Jonathan Yabut, the winner in Apprentice Asia 2013 on the third day. His talk was entitled: "FROM GRIT TO GREAT: Lessons from Apprentice Asia". It's a very inspiring and insightful talk about Leadership.

The last day of Kerygma Conference was highlighted by a Grand Feast - one in the morning and one in the afternoon. It's a great and powerful way of ending the conference - with Holy Mass, plenary talk, and moving praise and worship. What a great experience of service - Registration, Intercessor, and supposed-to-be Annointers (but did not push-through due to last minute change of plan.) All-in-all, the Kerygma Conference was a huge success! Praise God!

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Wednesday, November 16th 2016

1:20 PM


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Above is the picture of the supermoon captured in our place at Bacoor, Cavite. Though it is not its largest view as I able to capture it a little late, it surely radiates its brightest. As you can see, the clouds were very visible despite the fact that it was captured almost midnight and raining a little bit.

I still marvel at the sight. I want to linger a little longer in our front yard while laying in our hammock to view it a little longer. But it was late night and it might not be advisable to do so. So, I just contained myself by taking some pictures before going inside the house.

While laying before I slept, I still thought of the marvelous sight. And, marveling to the thought that the sight of supermoon will happen again only after 30 long years! Can you believe that? I might not be around to witness it by then. Or, am I going to look at the sight by then from above? Whoah! What a thought!

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Tuesday, November 15th 2016

6:42 PM

I'm Back Again!

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Mabuhay! I'm back to blogging again! This time, I'll make sure that I won't backslide again. Sounds 2017 New Year's Resolution, eh?

I will try micro-blogging this time. Short posts but frequent posts. More personal. And, more great experiences to share. 

Not sure if my previous readers were still there (say "hello", please!) But, hoping more readers will come... and, stay. Are you one of them?

'til next time!

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Tuesday, January 29th 2013

7:12 PM

Run 800 in Action

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Friday, January 18th 2013

4:51 PM

Run 800 Marathon

My Race Kit

RUN 800: Takbo para sa Kalusugan is fast approaching! At last, it is bound to happen this coming Sunday, Jan 20, 2013 after several postponement last year. The race course is from Aseana City along Macapagal Avenue going through Coastal Express Way to CavitEx (Cavite Express Way) area (with great view at the middle of bay.) The marathon is organized by the Philippine Seven Corporation (PSC). It is part of the advocacy of the 7-Eleven to gives back to the communities as they celebrates the opening of its 800th store. Winning top three (3) cities by votes will receive support to its feeding programs and medical missions. We voted for Manila which I believe is the winning top 1 city as of the last tally displayed in their website.

My Caring Group members (Kayla, Mel, Anne, Gigi, Rowyn, Clarinda, Yvonne, & Maffie) and I will be joining this race for "5 km - Beginner" category. Hence, we will not reach CavitEx nor may take a glimpse of the Coastal Expressway. In order to reach the Coastal Expressway and CavitEx, we should run at least 10km and 21km respectively which is beyond our powers.  Nonetheless, we were excited to run together despite of lack of preparation and practice. Mel and I decided to push-through our practice run at PhilSports Arena (formerly ULTRA) in Pasig tonight at 7PM (it's good that ULTRA is still open until 9PM). With that, I need to run as I have to meet Mel! Good day!

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Friday, January 11th 2013

6:11 PM

Goals & Plans for Year 2013

Happy New Year!!! Another year has passed. As always, I review my goals & plans last year 2012. What are my achievements and what lay behind. It is not impressive. I have done some of it but some move a little and most of it was not able to accomplish. But, it is not bad at all, really!

As being accustomed to, I conceive new plans and goals for this Year 2013. I also do my general budget per month for the year. As I review it, my budget for this year is a lot better than last year. I had been free or nearly free for being debt-free. Since budget involves monetary unit, I prefer to keep it for myself. Instead, I'm going to share my new plans and goals for this year which are very promising, indeed! I pray that with God's help, I can achieve most of it (if not all.) Thank you, Lord!

Here it is...


1. Health Improvement a. Eat fruits, cereal/oatmeal/yogurt every morning
b. Stretching every morning
c. Exercise every Mon (gym), Wed (jog), Fri (gym), Sat (jog)

Wealth / Financial Investment Build-up

a. Emergency Fund thru BPI Save-Up – P1K per month; Target: at least 3X monthly expenses equivalent
b. Retirement Fund thru BPI Save-Up – P500 per month; thru CitisecOnline – P5K per month
c. NEW: Mutual Fund
d. NEW: Health Insurance (coupled with investment)

Business / Entrepreneurship Development

a. Yza’s Amazing Beadworks
      i. Online Store – create masterpiece at least once a week  & update OS
     ii. Etsy – register & post product at least once a week
    iii. Consignment
    iv. Direct selling
     v. fB Store
b. Money-Making Blog Opps
     i. Blogsvertise
    ii. Others – search for other opps sites
c. NEW: Networking w/ Products (e.g. Green Barley, IMG)
d. NEW: Farm “Buwisan”
e. NEW: 7-Eleven Franchise
4. Personal Development a. Enroll @ John Robert Powers for Public Speaking & Personal Development
b. Know how to apply make-up and carry self
5. Career Development a. Job Search Tools Updates – Seek, Linked-In, Monster
b. Get at least one (1) I.T. Certification
c. Think of new Thesis Topic & Develop Application
d. Pursue Masteral Degree or Get Work Abroad
6. Spiritual Development a. Quiet Time – every morning (upon waking-up); 5:00AM
b. Bible Reading & Reflection – every Evening (before going to sleep); 11:00PM
c. Visit Adoration Chapel or Attend Prayer Life Workshop – every Wednesday (after LOJ Bible Study has finished)
d. Ministry Works – Intercessory (Onsite & Encoding), CG
e. Community Activities – Bible Study, General Intercession, Forest Day
7. Hobbies & Recreation a. Blogging – post at least one (1) entry per week   -- Note: DONE for this week
b. Photography – get formal training
c. Fun Run / Hiking – do at least once per quarter
d. Bowling – once a month
e. Beads Jewelry Making – create at least one (1) masterpiece every week/Sat
8. Travel & Leisure Plan a. Bohol + Cebu
b. Boracay
c. Thailand
9. House Development Project a. Exterior – Pavement Cementing, Garage, Balcony
b. Interior – Tiles for Living Room
c. Furniture – Kitchen Work Table, Walk-In Closet, Under-Stair Closet, Dining Area Closet, Study Area table & closet
10. Relationship Development a. God – always in-tune w/ God
b. Family – go home at least once a month; make a call every week
c. Friends – connect thru fB
d. OTL – be open
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Friday, December 14th 2012

5:39 PM

Caring Group Christmas Bazaar

Our Caring Group, the Business-Minded Singles, joined a Christmas Bazaar to offer our products - shoes, bags, apparels, fashion accessories, and gift items (i.e. make-up, etc.) My sisters in the community (sis. Mel, sis. Anne, & sis. Kay) and I shared the rent and set our different products in one (1) booth. We even asked for sis. Rochelle's help to sell our products. We provided tarp as well for our booth to be recognized (ok, for picture-taking as well. hehe.)

Caring Group Bazaar

Our first three (3) days bazaar is in Manda Centrale at Mayflower Parking located in Shaw Boulevard. The Bazaar runs during Wed-Fri 5pm-2am. On our first day, we went early to the place for the ingress of our products. We have a great time organizing each item and posing for some pictures. The boys in our group, Hans and Mark, took turns in helping us secure our products after each day (thanks Guys!)

 Day 1

 On our second day, our Caring Group meeting was held right beside our booth. We pray and share and encourage one another. We know that we evangelize other people in the bazaar as they saw us. We even invited our co-bazaaristas to the Feast!  Most members of our group show their support by availing some of our items (thank you bros. & sisses.) My co-bazaarista's even bought a lot of my fashion accessories items as they were so in-love with it, especially sis. Rochelle.   

 Day 2

On the third day, we know that we don't sell much. But, there's still joy in our heart as this is our first time joining a bazaar. It was fun! We even tried our own items and take more pictures. As a way of saying "thank you" to my CG co-bazaaristas, I was inspired to give them a bag of their choice as my Christmas gift for them. This made their day and concluded that our bazaar escapade is "sulit na!"

 Day 3

Our bazaar escapade is supposed to last only for three (3) days. But the organizer, knowing that we don't profit that much, offered us a 50% off rent to Mercato Centrale at Bonifacio High Street the next day. We grabbed the opportunity hoping that there are more customers there. Alas! There are more people there but they were food hawkers only and do not buy much stuff. Or, only because the location of our booth is far from others who sell the same products as ours that makes us attract customers less.

 Day 4

But, even if we sell not that much, all-in-all, our bazaar experience is something unforgettable and fun! In fact, given a chance, I will do it again even once a year!

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Monday, November 12th 2012

12:13 PM

All I Want for Christmas is My New Baby

My new baby has come! Hooray! Actually, he is not-so-new. He was someone else’s baby before. Caressed by other hands. Nurtured and developed by someone else. And, enjoyed playing with him, maybe, a hundred times. But, all the same, I still love him so much! And, he is now mine!  Ooops! Should I say “it” rather than “he”? Yeah! I recently got my not-so-new “baby camera” (thanks to Lani and his brother Niño!)

My Baby

Photography is one of my favorite hobbies. I can say that I have a talent in getting pictures (still remembered that my sister’s friends want to invite me in an outing, only to find out that they were just impressed and liked the pictures that I took in one of their escapades.) I know how to get the right angle. Know how to focus. Know how to point the camera to get the right perspective. But, that’s all I know. I don’t have a formal training yet. All that I have is just a pure talent. And, I think, I can hone that skill. I dreamt of getting my own DLSR cam. I dreamt of enrolling to a photography class. I dreamt of travelling just to capture great views. I dreamt… and, I stopped dreaming! I got problems with my hands – unsteady hands. Because of my IT job, I’m always in front of the computer and typing in keyboard the whole day. And, I cannot afford not to wash my hands. Maybe that caused my unsteady hands. I even find a hard time handwriting now. Haha! But, just the same, I still want to pursue a hobby (not a career yet) in photography. Hoping that I can still squeeze this in my hectic schedule.

Calling my friends who are into photography! Cherry, when can we enrol in a photography class as we planned? Arlene, can I go with you to travel and get pictures? Maybe, a short-travel to Corregidor will just be perfect (Lani is willing to join!) Jeff, how’s your photography hobby now? How about you, Channel? Wait for me until I learn this thing! Maybe, we can travel altogether to shoot and get awesome pictures! Can’t wait, really!

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